You should know that reptiles can stop eating because of many underlying reasons. Sometimes, it caused by something that you have done or fed them previously and it might be caused by certain diseases as well. If your leopard gecko is suddenly stopped eating but still being active, then there are several things that you can do first before you bring them to vet’s office.

Firstly, you can check their tank temperatures

The main reason why your leopard gecko stops eating is that they feel too cold. You might not realize that your heat bulb is burned out or even you never had a heat source before that make your leopard gecko feels so cold. You should know that the change of weathers, especially from fall to winter can bring many geckos get anorexic, then you can try simple way to fix their environmental temperature that can make then start to eat again.

If your gecko’s metabolism getting down because of temperature is getting low less than 70 Fahrenheit, they mostly start to stop eating. In this point, supplemental heat is very important if you cannot keep your leopard gecko was placed around 80 Fahrenheit. Then you can use a heat mat as your friendly budget solution because your do not have to heat an entire room. By this way, you are able to monitor the basking properly and ensure that your gecko cannot get too cold in the night.

Does your leopard gecko have certain diseases?

if your leopard gecko recently having too cold or decreasing of their environmental, then those things can lead a respiratory infection that can make them stop eating as well. A respiratory infection is one of the most common medical reasons for many reptiles which do not want to eat suddenly. If you cannot see the food because your eyes might be sealed out, then this is makes sense that you cannot being more excited about food.

However, there are different reasons for their inappetence as well. Then you can go to the vet to diagnose other problems related to mouth ulceration, intestinal tract and other problems. If you are suspecting that there is a disease as the reason why your leopard gecko stop eating, then you should go to vet office for assistance.

Is your leopard gecko stop popping?

If your leopard gecko has not been defecated in recent time, it might be affected to fecal matter. The fecal impaction can be caused by strong or large food they your gecko eat, such as supper worms or something which was accidentally ingested as well. If your leopard gecko has this problem, then you can try to soak it in the warm bath. The water should be enough to cover its hip during several minutes in multiple times a day. While you are soaking it, you can give light massage on its belly.

However, if that thing cannot help your leopard gecko release their stool then you have to bring your gecko to the vet. Your vet might have to administer the enema in your gecko or your gecko might need other medical checkups.

Tricks to Boost Their Eating Habit Back

So, what do you have to do if your lovely leopard gecko lose their appetite? Actually, there are several things you can do to make them eat properly.

Fix the container

The earlier treatment you can do if your leopard gecko doesn’t want to eat is by fixing the container. There is a possibility that the problem is the unsuitable temperature. Commonly, the temperature is too hot or too cold. To fix it, you can create hot and cool areas and let them chose their best area. The ideal temperature of the hot area is around 90 to 93 degrees Fahtenheit whereas the cool area is around 74 degrees fahrenheit.

Prevent It from Stress

Losing appetite is also caused by high tension of stress. That’s why you have to prevent the leopard gecko from stress and make them comfortable and relax. Try to find first the cause of the stress such as disease, temperature, humidity, or many more. Then, you can decide the best way to reduce the stress tension and get their appetite back.

Check the Weight

There is also a possibility that they don’t lose their appetite. They eat their food but it seems nothing happen with their weight. To make sure about it, try to check their weight first. Just note the first weight and give them food. Then, you can recheck their weight. If there is nothing happen with the weight, you can find the cause. For clear and best option, just bring the leopard gecko to the vet.

Give Their Favorite Foods

Givin their favorite food is the next trick to boost their appetite back. It hopes by seeing their favorite food, they can eat it more and more. The favorite foods of the leopard gecko are various including crickets, mealworms, waxworms, silkworms, and roaches. Cut or choose small insects so they can easily eat it. Instead of giving dried insect, it will be better to give live insects. The main cause is that live insects are moving and the movement can attract the leopard gecko to catch it and finally eat it.

Check the Health Condition

The common cause of losing appetite is because the leopard gecko is ill. That’s why you have to check their health condition. To make it clear, you can just directly bring the leopard gecko to the vet for a regular medical checkup. Consult the problem to the vet to get the best suggestions. The possible diseases which trigger lose of appetite are skin infection, metabolic bone disease, infection, and many more.

Feed the Leopard Gecko

If they don’t touch the food jar at all, you can try to do a different way. Let say, you can take the leopard gecko out from the container. Then, prepare a new food. Try to feed them directly with your hand slowly. Let them enjoy the food and don’t force them to eat the food. It hopes that this trick can get their appetite back to normal. At least, you can build better bonding with your lovely leopard gecko.