Have you had a chance to imagine or think, what exactly is the leopard gecko eat? What types of food to feed them? Besides, we think they belong to the reptile animals. Reptiles tend to be insectivores, meaning they like insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, and others.

It actually depends on the size or age of the leopard gecko itself baby leopard gecko to adults how often they ate intensities. For leopard gecko adult can certainly be fed every time however for a baby leopard gecko can be fed every day.

Some other preferred insects is grubs, cockroaches, worms. In addition, you can give the wax worms, but don’t give them too often. Waxworks addictive can make leopard gecko is not healthy. To feed wax worms provided with special treatment.

We need to figure out how to feed leopard gecko you, why so?, because it is important for the survival of the leopard gecko you. Leopard gecko can only be fed what they can eat anytime. So if you give so like crickets by the number 10 for example, in about 20 minutes, it could be that they don’t eat all of them, probably just a few tails only. Therefore, needs to be done in the appropriate feeding tests with leopard gecko you, in this case it was feeding time duration. Due to determine how the cricket should be given in a period that has been tried.

If you let the food leopard gecko that filled the place, actually, this can cause the leopard gecko into stress. Also, crickets themselves we know can bite the leopard gecko, so can injure the leopard gecko. The truth is when at the moment of eating and leopard gecko in conditions of hunger. For feeding meal worms, worms or similar can be provided in place of eating leopard gecko, could in the form of a small disc and given to leopard gecko as well as make sure the worm could not be excluded from the food place.

Things you need to know in providing feed leopard gecko is also a gut load leopard gecko against a feed that will be eaten (in this case the question is the size of the feed). Don’t forget to also note the crickets in a healthy condition and have nutrient content for leopard gecko. In this case take care also crickets so good condition. The thing to remember is you have to know what you give for leopard gecko in the form of a healthy feed.

For insects that you care, you can give the feed in the form of fruits or vegetables. In the market there are also crickets or meal worms that are commercialized. Make sure the crickets in a tightly closed but not let the clean condition and too humid. For when too humid can cause rotting of crickets. As well as making you so lost enough feed for the leopard gecko. Provide sufficient air circulation. Unlike the meal worms you can place it in the place of a plastic containing grain or sufficient calcium. Make sure the place doesn’t make meal worms out.

Another alternative if you want to provide feed in addition to insects or the live feed you can give it the feed in the form of powdered calcium and vitamins made from insects with special processing. You can get it at selling feed reptile.

You should also note about granting clean water and healthy all the time that you can place on a water catchment containers.