Terrarium habitat is best for keeping geckos in captivity. If you choose to have more than one animal, you must provide two separate spaces, because males tend to fight for territorial problems. The terrarium composition must provide an environment that is as comfortable and natural as possible. We recommend that you read this article until you are comfortable so you really understand it.

The bottom should not be covered with sand, because it can be swallowed and can cause intestinal intolerance and can cause death, preferably any material that cannot be digested. Because Leopard Gecko does not have foot suckers like most Gecko species, it must install several decorative elements in the terrarium, such as branches that allow animals to climb. Make sure the branches caused can support the animal weight. You also have to add some hiding places like rocks and small plants. The water container must be shallow so it allows Gecko to climb and drink it to run the risk of drowning.

Temperatures around noon should be between 27ºc and 32ºc and nocturnal between 16ºc and 21ºc. This temperature can easily be achieved with special reptile lamps placed on top and heaters suitable for the lower two-thirds of the terrarium. In order to easily control the temperature level and the proper functioning of the heater, we recommend the use of a thermostat.

We recommend using Tupperware with a hole so that it looks like a cave, with moss in it, or any material that holds moisture in, so that the gecko can change your skin because the moist environment helps. Don’t misjudge what you see in the original leopard gecko habitat, they actually really like natural humidity.

To make leopard gecko humidity always in accordance with the surroundings, we have done some experiments and managed to make a tool for ourselves. With this tool, we can maintain the condition of the leopard gecko that we maintain is always healthy. We think you’ve been very curious about what tools need to be prepared and how to make them. Let’s study everything in detail.

Things You Need to Prepare to Make a simple leopard gecko humidity:

  • First, perform the cube, you can buy it at artisan steroform
  • Next, you make a kind of rich motherboard on the computer, install the algorithm

Ways of working :

  • Set temperature, for example, 34
  • The lamp will heat up, for example, it reaches a temperature of 34, then the fan turns on, then cools to 33.9
  • Easy, isn’t it?
  • The workings of the lights and fans are important
  • Simple but can adjust the temperature in the end

We have made this tool ourselves with a community that is truly fond of reptile animals. You don’t make time to make a simple leopard gecko humidity tool that will ultimately keep them healthy. In some cases reptile animals die because the setting of the humidity temperature is not suitable, so we strongly recommend that you make this tool. Cheap, practical and useful.