We’ve covered some of the previous articles, please read the reviews we’ve made regarding caring for the Leopard gecko. But in this case we inform for beginners who start to have an interest in preserving this reptile animal. If you already bought gecko It means you are also willing to take care of him. Therefore, we provide information that can help you in treating it.

Create a Gecko cage

First of all things to do is provide a decent and comfortable enclosure, you can buy an aquarium to serve as its container, the size can be 45x30x20cm (length, width and height) then inside the aquarium is added Substrate (base) in the form of reptile carpet, paper, newspaper or towel.

Never cover it with sand, wood shavings, or other materials that cause dust, because it causes serious problems if consuming dust. Also provide a hiding place because the gecko Leopard likes to hide in the daytime such as the Lizard and food places and drinks, where the eating can use a small bowl, for a drink can use an aqua gallon lid.

Oh Yes, for the gecko to feel comfortable put a cage in a place that is not too bright and it is covered by nets so as to prevent from predators such as cat attacks.

Giving lighting and warming to Gecko (if cold)

Because the leopard gecko is more active at night then (if cold) is required UV (Ultra violet) lamp as lighting to warm the cage temperature. It is recommended to use low wattage lamps to avoid the cage overheating. Do not allow the temperature to be higher than 34.4 ยบ C.

Our suggestion is preferably gecko is not given a lamp that does not matter if the temperature at normal temperature. Could be so impressed gecko hate the same light, but if it’s a cold wear only heatpad, the light is advised to look for blue color what red. And the Wattnya low, 5 watts for example.

Feeding food to nutritious Gecko

How to take care of the next Gecko Leopard is nourishing and nutritious feeding. The main types of gecko foods are insects such as cicadas, Caterpillars Hongkong (mealworm) or German caterpillars. For the small gecko, also give a small cicada to fit the size of the mouth.

Place Hongkong Caterpillar, crickets in the bowl, special cicadas hind legs must be in the first cut so as not to jump. Give 2-5 crickets alone every day. But if the cage is still remaining feed that yesterday should wait first until eaten all. When a friend wants to travel far, add his or her number of gifts to avoid hunger.

Giving multivitamins on Gecko

In fact, the cicadas or Caterpillar’s feed is sufficient for its body needs, but it is better if you meet calcium intake to support growth and health. So, give vitamin D3 that you can buy in the Pet shop.

Keeping the Gecko cage clean

Every living creature would want a place to stay well maintained, clean and comfortable. So in the case of cleanliness cage should be considered well. The dirty cage will cause the growth of bacteria so that the gecko can be easily attacked by fungi or other diseases.

In caring for the cleanliness of Gecko Cage is not as difficult to care for cages. Because the box is relatively loud and small, it makes it easier to collect and remove.

Alright that’s just the complete trick tips on how to take care of the right gecko for beginners, hopefully this guide can help eliminate your confusion when first maintaining Leopard gecko.