Begin the process of egg incubation on the leopard gecko can actually be done by anyone but are required to have a pair for the breeding process. Prepare the egg before incubation eggs place that emerged from the process of breeding going on, because it is the best way to put them as soon as possible to avoid the problems that occurred on the incubation of reptile leopard gecko.

We are sure that you can afford to buy a place of incubation was sold commercially, but actually it is not difficult to make your own according to your needs. Because in addition, you will be more efficient and can recycle items you have at home while unused. We will explain that the current favorite is the incubation containers made from plastic shoe box or a container of food you have and it’s been unused. Any container that you use as a place of incubation, make sure the site has a longer durability in its use and have a tight lid as well as the good.

We will explain to you about vermiculite, vermiculite is a natural mineral substance that can expand when exposed to heat. So from that place of incubation that is already provided by you need to give the vermiculite. The market also contains vermiculite that is made from synthetic materials.

The condition of the leopard gecko eggs should be stored in a moist but not wet, so from that vermiculite you have very needed to mixed use of water. There are several variations and the vermiculite has the hassle in making a comparison of the ratio of the water there, so from that vermiculite does not need to have to be hard.

We will explain to you the installation of vermiculite on incubation as follows: first, the input to the container skin vermi contains water. Fill the Cup with water and then with a slow flush slightly to the container that contains the water and then stir until evenly distributed. This will often make the vermiculite became wet. What you do is create a vermiculite reaching consistency. If vermiculite is happening is too wet it can cause mold or make egg leopard gecko to become rotten.

After you have vermiculite the right consistency, it is known from a layer about 2 inches from the bottom of your container of incubation. After the eggs are present, their position may be located at the side of the vermi skin. Spacing them about a half inch gap between each other. If you have a container that quite a lot of this stuff you can use for eggs that you have is not a little.

Leopard gecko breeders usually make the sign at the side of the container with use a permanent marker, this is done when the eggs in conditions comfortable with vermiculite that has you install. This is due to tell the incubation period of leopard gecko eggs which will hatch.

During incubation temperature settings you need to remember. To ensure that you achieve a goal to get a baby leopard gecko healthy as well as happy, it can be performed at a temperature between approximately 77 up to 92° This is because they are reptiles created by temperature according to the experience to determine whether male or female.

According to experience, too high a temperature can produce a baby leopard gecko sex with men while the low temperature is the female gender. If you have a lot of eggs, it is possible to have 2 types of randomly.

To keep the eggs warm then you need to put lights for leopard gecko you and can also be used as monitoring temperature accordingly.

Check your incubation place for a week or just open the cover of the container the incubation with the intention of providing fresh air, and check if there are eggs that have been damaged or rotten. If you find a rotten egg or failing then you should immediately clean it up from the incubation containers and not mixed. This is done because you also don’t expect any eggs contaminated, this is an important action for the incubation process is performed on a leopard gecko.

With you do above, during the 45-90 days on incubation process then expected baby leopard gecko was born with the condition of healthy as well as happy.