Who doesn’t know about this one pet? Gecko or ornamental gecko is a reptile animal that has many fans and is quite popular among the people. Moreover, he has many color variants and types. Just like other pets, geckos also need food and drinks to survive. So for those of you who are caring for geckos, they should properly feed their nutritious and nutritious geckos so that they can nourish their bodies. list of gecko foods that are good and healthy for all ages and types, whether it’s still a small baby or an adult.

Foods in leopard gecko, as well as vitamins, are definitely beneficial for the health of his body. Here we certainly can see how the development of our pets. Well, we recommend some leopard gecko vitamins that you can use so that he is always healthy.

Cricket food for Gecko

These are the most important leopard gecko vitamins. The main type of gecko food is crickets. Why do you have crickets? Yes because it is nutritious and high in vitamins and very suitable for body stability, besides that crickets are also a favorite food. But you need to pay attention to the basic rules in providing cricket feed. First, you have to look for crickets that are no more than the length of gecko and the size is no more than half the head of a gecko. Second, you also have to do a “Gut Load” on the cricket before giving it to the gecko.

Gutload is feeding crickets with plants or vegetables. This is so that we can estimate the amount of nutrition that will be given to the gecko. So after buying crickets do not immediately given but let first given vegetable food or something else.

The third way to feed gecko is to cut the back leg of the cricket. So that when eaten he did not jump here and there, so it was easily captured.


Gecko foods other than crickets are Hongkong caterpillars or silkworms. This type of feed also has high nutrition and protein, especially since it has a small size that is suitable for newborn geckos. To get the Hong Kong caterpillar, you can buy it at the nearest bird shop or pet shop.

Here are two gecko foods that we recommend that are also useful for their vitamins, although there are actually others like German caterpillars, wax worms and so on.

Rules for giving leopard gecko vitamins

If food is used by crickets, then you can give 2-4 crickets every day for young geckos and 4-7 crickets for older or older ages. In addition, friends also have to add additional supplements so that their condition remains healthy.

For a multivitamin: Buy a special reptile multivitamin at a pet store, then mix food with a multivitamin or can be put in a container and let the gecko lick it. We recommend that you give multivitamins only 2-3 times a week. For calcium needs, it is also the same as giving vitamins.