Leopard gecko has a problem that is typical after a reptile is not cared for properly and correctly. It has a fairly long period of age, sometimes never found can survive for up to 20 years. Thus, obviously this will depend on the treatment and care, it could be either one of them feeding on a leopard gecko that needs to be regulated in terms of diet and a comfortable place in the enclosure.

Even though you’ve been striving its best to provide comfort and a good habitat on leopard gecko care as well as in terms of others, for example in terms of feeding, it is however possible that leopard gecko can the possibility of pain. The best way is to verify the health of leopard gecko you periodically by performing checks to the vet to make sure they are in a healthy condition and prevent of disease.

It could be in terms of the above, you may still be able to find some typical disease which infected on your pet.

Then a disease that could have been found from digestive problems pet reptiles you commonly called gastroenteritis. This is really common recovered from failure of maintaining or keeping a clean and healthy habitats.

We know that this disease can lead to problems of diarrhea that generally can happen due to bacteria in the gecko cage.

When you find a leopard gecko stops eating, and a bit of fat on the body or tail of increasingly looks skinny, then immediately go to the veterinarian to identify why these things happen.

If we find a case above, need to be tackled as soon as possible because the gecko can get dehydrated and may even die.

The type of gastrointestinal disease is including coccidia. This really is a kind of parasites that can infect the intestinal gecko. And it can be transmitted so that the gecko with conditions such as these must be separated from other gecko directly.

Leopard gecko needs quality of vitamin D and calcium in their diet. If they do not get enough of both nutrient content in the diet, this can cause metabolic bone disease or MDB.

These symptoms can be characterized by weak points on the sponge bone and even limb deformities. Leopard gecko has a vibration or the view as well as the urge to eat food.

If the disease is already happening then it is difficult to handle it. You may think will keep the calcium supplements on gecko for preventing this horrible disease.

Leopard gecko can also be affected by the disease of anorexia. If that is the case then your gecko will look thin and has a skinny tail. Leopard gecko will show the sign stop eating and slow movement. If not immediately treated, your gecko will die.

There is another term that is known, the Dysecdysis this can be indicated with a sign of problematic on the pores and skin them. If leopard gecko difficult changes on the skin usually this is because the level of moisture in the atmosphere are inadequate.

In the event that the unbalanced diet. If this is the case then would arise in various spots of the body such as the head, reptile eyes, tail and also the other limbs. Also, if not handled properly, this situation can lead to problems that arise such as a bacterial infection.

For the female sex, if there is a problem in the process of efisiennya-culture or not laying eggs then this situation is called dystocia or  “egg-binding “. This happens due to food or because a female contract the disease or weak and incapable in the process of egg.

Mouthrot is a problem that is often found on the leopard gecko. This is especially apparent from the unsightly disease not pus or discharge, as it appears in the whole area of the mouth of your pet. In the case of gecko you seem to have this disease, it should be taken to the vet immediately.

Cryptosporidiosis is a disease that can be bad if not immediately treated with care, but the disease is difficult to detect. In this case, you might find the flooded from leopard gecko in a cage and this same symptoms with diarrhea and  “pencil tail “, could you just have a leopard gecko that has already contaminated. In fact, the gecko you may need special treatment or euthanasia is treated therapeutically effective.

Gastrointestinal obstruction may occur if a gecko eats the substrate that you place in the tank. The substrate is media which is not easy to digest, such as gravel or sand. Any material that cannot be digested, it can trigger a blockage in the digestive tract that would require treatment by your veterinarian.

Leopard gecko enclosure are not exposed to enough heat and things in hygiene, this can create respiratory infections caused by bacteria.

If we find a leopard gecko happens things over, then gecko can get pneumonia. With the increase of temperature in the enclosure will help to fix this problem. Try to keep the temperature more suitable or away from eighty up to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit in Your gecko habitat.

If we put a lot of the male gender in leopard gecko, this can actually cause the reptile was hurt, because the mutual fight.

Gender male will make the territory make them mutually defend their areas so that sparked a battle when we put him with many. When you have a leopard gecko that young and old get older, it should be given the special treatment, such as being transferred to other tanks.

If you are careful and ensure that you have a clean gecko, a sufficient diet along with the use of habitat, most of these problems can be avoided.