Ever heard of leopard gecko? Maybe some of you. Or for those who have listened to it. Instead, disgust to see the form of the gecko. Not wrong, because the leopard is a close family of geckos that are often found in the corner of the house. Called the term leopard because of the motives in the body of this reptile including spotted like a lion. In its maintenance, leopard geckos need sufficient attention to be able to live healthy and breed. Below this is briefly described Caucasian geckos

Leopard gecko or Eublepharis macularius is a type of gecko that lives on the ground and is active at night. Leopard geckos are found in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran where there are dry and rocky plains. Leopard gecko is considered one of the animals that are common in the reptile industry today. Leopard gecko is among the geckos with the largest adults reaching a length of about 8 or 9 inches. Most leopard geckos have a yellow background with brown spots protecting adults.

Teenage Leopard geckos have a striped pattern that fades into patterns according to age development. They also have very clear outer ears and are different from many petal geckos which means they cannot walk on vertical walls with smooth surfaces. Leopard gecko is a very good pet. They are small, have minimal maintenance requirements and can be left in a few days. They are calm, not relaxed and don’t need attention. Not only is it easy to maintain, but leopard geckos are also relatively easy to breed.

Now the problem is leopard gecko poop. You who are inexperienced may not know that feces from geckos can cause death in geckos. Because leopard gecko doesn’t like dirty places. There are several ways you can do it if you want to make leopard gecko poop that does not turn into a disease that can be fatal to the gecko. One of them is by using a cage with a desert type.

With a desert-like habitat, they will make them easily dirt, because the sand is dry, the dirt will dry faster and easily mix. This will minimize the spread of leopard gecko poop which can turn into disease.

Actually cleaning the leopard cage is fast and easy. Their dirt is dry and solid. Gecko is a creature that used to urinate in the same place. But as we mentioned before, leopard gecko doesn’t like dirty places so you have to really pay attention to everything. Therefore, you can fish jar, jump or broom to clean the dirt once or twice a week.

You must take care of the cleanliness of their cage very well, if you are wrong in the treatment then it will be fatal. Leopard geckos can live long with good nutrition and proper care. It is not unusual for lizards to live twenty years or more. Even with good habitat and diet, the disease can still occur. You must find a veterinarian who has experience with reptile animals before health problems arise.