About the leopard gecko lifespan, how long do these animals could live? This question is often asked by them who are interested to keep this reptile but being afraid of the possibility that is dead too soon. Of course, there are many factors that influence how long this gecko could survive. Despite male and female gecko has a different average of lifespan, the way you take care of it plays many important roles as well. Here is the explanation:

The Average Lifespan of Leopard Gecko

In generally speaking, leopard gecko indeed has a longer lifespan compared to any other reptiles. If any other reptiles may stay alive even less than 5 years, uniquely, leopard gecko could make it more than that from six to 10 years. However, it comes with some note such as enough nutrition, proper housing, and appropriate temperature.

It is important to clean their house at least once every two weeks. Basically, the leopard gecko has an excellent immune system but it does not mean that they would not get affected by certain illnesses. Most of their illnesses come from the wrong care and treatment. They might be just some small animals but they definitely need a proper attention and care as well.

The lifespan of female leopard geckos

The female leopard geckos could live between 7 and 10 years, which is not as long as the male ones. The reason why the females could not make it as long as their male mates is because they had simply gone through so many processes. The female geckos had gone through several mating processes, reproductions, and also egg laying process.

Other than that, the females would also develop and lay two eggs at least eight times in one year. On the other hand, their body is pretty small but they have to do a lot of weird things over and over.

The lifespan of male leopard geckos

The male ones could live up to 25 years. It could happen because they do not need to get through the egg development as well as laying eggs. This means that their body is designed to finish tough works even in reproduction. In fact, the males can be the effective breeders in their entire life.

Their body anatomy stops to grow after reaching the age of 14 or 18 months. Later, one single male gecko could breed a group of 10 female geckos without a hassle. You should remember that keeping two females in one enclosure could make them fight, which is pretty fatal.

Indeed, the number of the female leopard gecko is more than the male one. Although the females live shorter, most of baby leopard gecko in this world are female. It is reasonable that if the average lifespan of a leopard gecko, in general, refers to the 6-10 years mentioned above. It is based on the average life of a female leopard gecko.

Leopard gecko diet

It is true that they need to be fed every day but it does not mean that you can over-feed your leopard geckos. In the USA, there is a trend among the gecko owners that they want to make their geckos as big as possible in a short time for sale or breeding. In order to get the biggest body of their geckos, they will fill up the dish until full every time. Of course, it is a very unnatural way to raise this animal. Instead, you torture them eventually.

The overfeeding could lead to obesity. Obesity in human is a serious condition and so is in gecko. When your leopard gecko is overweight, it could reduce their ability to breed, organ failure, and the worst case is death. There is no proof that fat lizards are the healthy ones, just like humans. They better in fit shape, lean, and energetic along with their plump tails.

An overweight gecko has a bloated-looking belly and thick tails due to the fat reserves. Other than that, they seem not so active than the usual geckos. You may also spot some fatty deposits right behind their front legs. Outside the captivity, there is nearly no food cache presents available for them. This is why it is not good if you put too much food every day when you keep them in captivity.

The reasonable number of meals could be some feeder insects three times in one week for a proper feeding portion. Giving them too many pinkie mice and wax worms are not good either. The important key is moderation, just like how humans do their diet plan to stay healthy and fit.

The presence of water is important for any living creature as well as the leopard gecko. You need to prepare a shallow water dish filled with clean yet fresh water and make sure that the water is always available. The surface should be stable to prevent the spilled water because the substrate in the cage should be in dry condition. Other than that, the water disk should be easily accessible by both young and adult geckos, considering they would climb to get water. Vitamin drops are not recommended to be added into the water though.

Leopard gecko handling and temperament

In generally speaking, you cannot handle a leopard gecko on the regular basis until it settles in. Also, they need to reach at least 6 inches in length. After the gecko is big enough, you can let them crawl along your loose fingers. You better do that while sitting on the floor to prevent any unwanted things because if they fall down from a high surface, they feel hurt too. This treatment can be done every day for 10 minutes per session. This will make your geckos acknowledge your smell and become tamed.

This taming process usually takes one week. However, you need to keep in mind that they do not like to be grabbed by their tails. They could self-amputate themselves and eventually dropped down. The tail can regenerate before reaching 40 days. And this is all you need to know about leopard gecko lifespan.