Hiding for leopard gecko animals is a must and for sure. You already know that leopard geckos use the skin to protect themselves from heat and bright sunlight. When they feel too hot in the vivarium, they can run to a hiding place to keep their body temperature under control. Leopard gecko will sleep and hide in stressful situations.

The enclosure provided with a good hiding place must have an entrance and exit that can accommodate your leopard gecko. The place in the cage must also have enough space for the terrarium substrate accessories to lie down and relax. We strongly recommend that you place two hiding places in the leopard gecko terrarium.

That is, you can place a hiding place near the lamp so that your gecko leopard can hide there to digest food or to warm up the lamp heat. Now, for the four-second hideouts you have to prepare in a cool place, this will make your gecko hide there from hot to cold.

To manipulate a place you can buy a leather box that resembles stone or cave. In addition, you can make your own using empty plant pots, hollow plastic boxes and so on. But if you don’t want to be complicated you can buy leopard gecko hides at the nearest shop or online shop.

  • A classic naturalistic cave that is a warm or cold hideout for your gecko.
  • This cave rock cave is a place for leopard geckos. You can hide there and a hiding box on it for sunbathing.
  • This half-log is great for cool hideouts for leopard geckos.
  • Reptile Den with strong magnets is an interesting way to watch leopard geckos while hiding. You need to understand that one side of the hiding place is in the tank, and the other side is outside the tank or cage. Well, if you want to watch your leopard gecko, there you can remove the outside that is supported by a magnet.
  • This dinosaur egg fossil ornament is a three-piece fossil egg ornament to hide and place it on top of it according to your desire.
  • Caves and stairs, in this place for leopard geckos you can hide beneath and climb above to play and hunt prey outside.

Previously someone asked us whether leopard gecko was the best hides? We proudly say that reptile animals all like the natural, so you can make it yourself at home as you wish. You can use natural items such as bricks, wood, stone and so on. With these natural objects, it will make them feel like in the wild.

We will let you know, hiding leopard gecko habits are characteristics that will not be lost, even if you want to change in any way. The facts show, what if you have breed leopard geckos and babies born that have no one to teach them to hide, this is a must, so you must prepare leopard gecko hides. Let them like in the wild with natural hiding places.