Leopard gecko is known for its beautiful colors like yellow, orange, and some more. However, are you interested to keep the albino one? As the name, it means that gecko has white color on almost all parts of its body. Meanwhile, if other leopard gecko has a certain pattern on it, the pattern is absent on some types leopard gecko. This type of gecko is often classified in albino variants but some people are more interested to put them in one particular group namely pattern-less. Although this kind of albino may look so simple, this is the uniqueness anyway. Many albino leopard geckos can even be offered in price that is relatively more expensive than the others. So, do you want to know more about these variants? Here they are.

Tremper Albino

Tremper albino is also known as Texas Strain Albino. This variant is firstly discovered in 1996 by Ron Temper. The colors are still visible here starting from the dark brown to light yellow. Besides, there are also some variants that have orange and pink colors. Meanwhile, the eyes of Tremper Albino geckos tend to be silver with red fiber.

Rainwater Albino

After a year of the Tremper Albino discovery, the new variant was also found by the Rainwater team. Compared from the variant mentioned before; this albino tends to have pinkish color. In general, it looks lighter but the eyes are darker. Uniquely, when it is still a baby born, the body’s color is in yellow with red bands.

Bell Albino

Another variant of leopard gecko albino is namely Bell Albino or known also as Florida Albino. Until know, this one is known as the last albino strain discovered by Mark Bell. This albino is easier to be differentiated from other two variants. This leopard gecko tends to have a pair of light pink eyes. Besides, it still has a pattern which is in the form of brown spots. The uniqueness is that this animal is able to bring out lavender color on its body.


Aside from those albinos, there are some other variants known as pattern-less. For some reasons, they are still categorized in the group of albino; it is particularly due to the plain look on their body. Besides, their colors also almost similar to the albino leopard geckos mentioned above. The variants of pattern-less leopard gecko are as follow; Murphy Pattern-less or Patty, Blizzard, Eclipse, Snow, and still some more.

Blizzard is one of the variants that are completely pattern-less. Therefore, it is classified as the simple recessive of morph. The colors are also really ‘albino’ starting from white to pale yellow. However, there is another variant which is in dark purple. The second type of pattern-less is namely eclipse. It is quite confusing whether it is included in the strain of albino or not. But some experts decide to include it particularly those in solid red color.

Next, there is snow. Well, just like the name, this pattern-less variant is indeed as white as snow. If other variants may still have some variation of colors; this one is completely white. That’s why; this variant is also simply claimed as the albino.

Tips to Prepare a Cage for Leopard Gecko Albino

It is your luck if you have a leopard gecko albino. The first thing to do is preparing a comfortable house for the gecko. There are several things you need to consider while preparing a house for the gecko.

The Material

The best material for the house is glass. Glass is chosen because of its visibility. By using a transparent housing, you know what your lovely leopard gecko albino doing. Moreover, glass is the best option than plastic because glass is more durable than plastic. Though, you can still use a plastic tank to keep your beloved gecko comfortable.

The Size

You also need to consider the size of the tank. You have to find a tank with its ideal size to make the gecko comfortable and happy while spending their time there. The ideal size is 12 inches in height. It is also important to give extra protection by installing a wire cover. The most important, you have to create a humid housing for the gecko such as giving space for the air to pass through. An ideal cage is also beneficial to keep the gecko away from various diseases.

A Place to Sleep

If you think that the leopard gecko doesn’t need a place to sleep, you are wrong. Besides preparing the sand you also need to prepare a sleeping box on the cage. Just fill the box with small rocks and it will be used by the gecko to sleep during the daytime.

Water Supply Pan

The additional item you need to put on the cage is the water supply pan. Leopard gecko is not drinking as much as the other animals but you still have to prepare the clean water supply on the cage. They need to drink to help digest the insect they eat. The pan has to be in the right design to keep the easy to drink. Let say, the design has to be sloping and not too deep. Sometimes, they are passing through the pan. You can limit the risk of drowning if you put a sloped pan. As the result, they can keep drinking the water and passing through the pan safely.

A Place to Hide

Besides preparing a sleeping box, you also need to prepare a place to hide. Indeed, the place to sleep is different from the place to hide The place to hide is commonly used for the leopard gecko to hide while shedding their skin. The place to hide has to be set in the high level of humidity to keep the shedding process smooth. You can create it from an empty plastic tube. Just make sure that you are using a dry plastic tube. Then, make a hole in the side or the bottom of the tube. The size of the tube has larger enough so the gecko albino can hide there for a few times.

The important thing to know that there are several types of leopard gecko albinos available. You have to prepare the cage well to make sure that the leopard gecko albino has a comfortable and safe place to stay, hide, and sleep. An ideal cage will make your gecko albino grow well and low the risk of serious disease.