How Big Leopard Gecko ?

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If you want to get leopard gecko and did a few researches, then you might realize that there are many things that you should know first before you get it. The fact that you are doing research tells that you probably will be a great owner, because there are many people just purchasing a reptile and start to ask questions later.

If you read this information, you will know that how big leopard gecko and you need general information related to size of leopard geckos. The size of reptile also affected on how much money that you have to spend for better habitat, how big the tank had to be, type of food that you need and so on.

Average size of leopard gecko

The size of leopard gecko usually depending on sex and age, although there are other factors which affected the leopard gecko size. The male leopard geckos prefer being the largest of the species and measuring between 80 to 11 inches on average size. Then the female leopard geckos tend to be smaller, usually 7 or 8 inches long. Then the size of leopard gecko hatchlings was so tiny around 3 to 4 inches long and they need a year to get their full size.

How big leopard gecko can get?

It had mentioned above that this is depending on if you get a female or a male leopard gecko. The size can be so varied, even some geckos can reach only 6 to 7 inches, and others can reach around 10 to 11 inches. There are giant breeds which can reach 10 to 11 inches and even they can weigh up to 140 grams. The biggest Leopard Gecko which been reported of weight is around 155 grams.

However, the normal weight of leopard gecko was around 70 grams and it’s actually depending on your taste as well. If you want to get a big leopard gecko, then there are several breeds which were guaranteed as big females and males. If you want have smaller gecko, then your feeding costs are much lower then. You should know that costs of giant breeds can be really high compared to normal price of leopard gecko.

How diet can affect you leopard gecko?

This is also quite similar with any animal; your leopard gecko might be likely to grow until it reaches the full size if well nourished. This reason is so important to ensure that your gecko has nutritious and healthy diet. So, you should understand what kind of food that your gecko needs.

How to choose the right tank for your leopard gecko?

This is very important for each reptile that lives in natural habitat with the proper size.  If you get too small tank, then your leopard gecko might start to show weird behaviors, such as: losing appetite, bumps many objects and more. Hence, the right size of tank for your leopard gecko is about 10 to 15 gallons. However, you are able to choose 20 gallons tank because many people start to get another leopard gecko just right after they had one.

Giant and Supergiant Leopard Gecko

To have a big leopard gecko, you need to know the gene. There are at least two different genes which produce a big leopard gecko.

Giant Leopard Gecko

The first leopard gecko is known as giant leopard gecko. Just like the name of the gene, a giant leopard gecko grows in the excess size. It is larger and bigger than the normal leopard gecko gene. A giant leopard gecko found for the first time in 1999 from a random hatchling. The giant male leopard gecko can reach 80 to 100 grams in weight whereas the female giant leopard gecko can reach around 60 to 90 grams in weight.

Supergiant Leopard Gecko

The second leopard gecko gene is super giant leopard gecko. Based on the name of the gene, the size of the leopard gecko is bigger and larger than the giant leopard gecko. Just imagine that you are about to take care of more than 100 grams male leopard gecko at home. It is the same case with the female gecko in which the size can reach 90 grams in weight.

You can’t determine whether the leopard gecko is a giant or super giant from the baby except you know the previous gene. The sign can be seen after the leopard gecko in their 12 months.

How to Feed Giant and Supergiant Leopard Gecko

The thing to consider when you have a giant or supergiant leopard gecko is their foods. Some people are a little bit confused about the type of foods they have to give to the leopard gecko. The good news is that the there is no significant difference on the food. Whether giant and supergiant leopard gecko loves to eat mealworms. You can just buy 1-inch mealworms at the pet shop. It is better not to give pink mice, waxworms, or any other fatty foods to prevent any health problems. Just prepare the mealworms in a small jar and don’t give too many foods to prevent an overweight problem. Don’t forget to prepare sufficient water supply to keep the leopard gecko hydrate although they don’t drink too much. Moreover, there is also no any complicated treatments for them. You just need to create a larger cage due to their big size body so they can move freely and comfortably. The rest of the treatment is similar to the normal leopard gecko. The key is to keep the house moist and close to the natural habitat. The giant and supergiant leopard gecko is also strong enough so they don’t get sick easily along with a proper treatment.

The Price of Giant and Supergiant Leopard Gecko

One of the reasons why people want to have a giant or supergiant leopard gecko is because of its price. The price of giant and supergiant leopard gecko is more expensive than the normal leopard gecko. If you can keep the weight, color, and the health the price will be more expensive than you are expected. If you don’t want to sell it, at least having a healthy giant and supergiant leopard gecko will raise your pride to the other leopard gecko lovers. In short, no matter the gene of the leopard gecko you just have to take care of them like your lovely pets.