Anyone can search for a local pet store or search online for reptile vivariums, terrarium reptiles, reptile cages, and buy anything for their pet reptiles, but it takes some serious knowledge to really make a good home for their reptiles. Especially if you are a person who maintains leopard gecko.

Let’s start by talking about space requirements briefly. Small reptiles such as leopard gecko, ordinary geckos, frogs, and some turtles do not need a large vivarium or terrarium for comfortable living. Do research on your reptile to find out how big it is. This is important even if you think your reptile is as big as it has ever been.

Reptiles like snakes, iguanas, and even some turtles can grow too severe sizes. Again, research to find out how much your pet will grow. When buying a reptile vivarium, cage, terrarium or whatever you call, remember your research. If you have a reptile that will grow big, and you decide not to buy a large vivarium at that time, you can always combine reptile tanks in a creative way to accommodate the size of your reptile when you grow up.

Speaking of a leopard gecko, this is one of the most loved animals in the whole world. Maybe no one would have thought that the spread of this type of animal was one of the biggest compared to other animals. In several surveys conducted by researchers in America said that the spread of these animals is very fast, and the cause is its beauty.

We will focus here on just one reptile, a leopard gecko. Leopard gecko vivarium is something you should have if you keep it. The comfort of your pet, therefore the vivarium is definitely needed. We think leopard gecko is a very important thing for you to remember because if your pet is healthy, you are happy.

We and the team have done a few simple studies on leopard gecko, where they prefer the vivarium to suit its size. You might think why is that? This animal is not a human who needs a place to live bigger than his body. This animal is more like a place that fits the shape and size. The reason is to make his body always warm and also take refuge from prey. Below is a type of leopard gecko vivarium that you can choose from.


  • Usually designed for snakes or lizards and leopard gecko vivarium.
  • Decorated with tree bark, cactus, and other desert plants


  • Usually designed for amphibians in temperate or tropical forests
  • Decorated with tree branches, stones, and roots

Keep a close watch on what type of habitat your reptile is most comfortable in and you will have no problem identifying what things you should decorate with a reptile vivarium. Of the few vivariums above you can already see and choose the right one for your beloved leopard gecko. Do not let you choose the leopard gecko vivarium, if you are wrong then you can lose him forever.